Nease’s Insights - Week 8 - Ball of Confusion

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After watching the Week 7 NFL games I must say that I am totally confused and baffled. The NFL has always sought parity and this year they may finally have hit the jackpot. Unfortunately that is being overlooked by many. The issue I really have though is that most of the media emphasis is on negativity. As I scratch my head and ponder on how to say what I want to, I am listening to a classic Temptations song from my senior year of college=Ball of Confusion. It told a story of a world in turmoil, much like it is today. The main difference between now and then is that in 1971 there was no internet and the media was not nearly as influential then as it is today. Take a moment and listen yourself. It sets the tone for this week.

Now every happenstance is magnified way out of proportion by a frenzied media. As much as our world changes though, it remains basically the same. Each and every day we encounter challenges much like our ancestors have for many generations. Their complexity increases in a way that parallels advances in technology. Yet we develop our problem solving skills as much as a blacksmith might have in 1836.

What we have lost though, something that our ancestors had, is our individuality. We have so many external influences that we regularly face, that it tends to break our spirit, leaving us following the crowd, not unlike a dog chasing its tail. We eventually fall into a cocoon like state where our existence resembles that ball of confusion.

We seek a release with our game of fantasy football, but even that is being drawn in to the swirling messy vortex that is our 2017 world. After years of being a growing source of enjoyment, the NFL has fallen to become a tabloid target.

  • The league office, under the egotistical jackass commissioner Roger Goodell, gave him a one game suspension. Talk about a load of crap! People get more games off for less significant matters. This creates a fine precedent that taking a physical shot at the man in stripes only costs one game. As if that wasn’t disgusting enough, Lynch had the ignorant gall to appeal it. Fortunately, his appeal was denied.
  • Instead we see heated rhetoric from all concerned with incitement being done by media outlets. Everyone is getting more upset and it is taking away from a game, a game we use to escape from this sort of negativity. It is getting to the point that football is not even the story right now. Instead the focus has turned to the political ugliness of the game we love. And again I say, this is a solvable matter blown way out of proportion.
  • We see the media and even our politicians, who certainly have more important matters to be concerned with, dwell on a few players protesting during the National Anthem. Bear in mind that this is less than 1% of the players in the entire league. Yes, in a difficult way to comprehend, this issue has driven a deeper wedge between Americans, a gap that has been widening for many years now.
  • On the outside looking in, two things seem obvious. The players have a valid agenda to protest what they see is injustice. On the other hand most of us    see the flag as a symbol that should not be disrespected. In calmer days people representing both sides of the problem would sit down and hammer out a  method that calls proper attention to racism without inflaming people by disrespecting our flag.
  • Last week I saw three articles about players that were noteworthy. Two were feel good stories about Chris Long and Deshaun Watson making great charitable efforts in their communities. The player story that got the most play was the one about Marshawn Lynch leaving the bench to join a fray on the field. The sullen, washed up RB grabbed a referee and shoved him several feet with both hands.
  • Just to show how high the mighty Roger has risen, I have a quiz. With using a search engine, tell me in the next 30 seconds who the commissioners are for MLB, NBA and NHL. Cat got your tongue does it?


With all this drummed up hype that is overshadowing a great season, we are wasting our energies on factors that actually are not as earthshaking as a news rabid media is telling us. Not only have they broken Americans down into two distinct groups always at odds with each other, liberals and conservatives, they have developed a means to take away our patience and tranquility. Now we fight every chance we get. The line between right and wrong has grown with ambiguity and we now have zero tolerance of each other’s well thought out opinions.

What all this negativity does is take our attention away from the game. To my way of thinking, fantasy football is not only fun, but it places us in an alternate reality where life’s brutal side can be cast aside for a while.

Our whole experience is being tainted by the ongoing emphasis by the media and politicians that paints players in the NFL with a broad brush. They are jointly throwing gasoline on a situation that was just about gone when the season began. Now the flames have grown into a roaring blaze. It is an issue that if wise men sat down to resolve they could do so,

My friends, there are so many positive things happening in the NFL. From a competitiveness aspect, the differential between most teams makes it possible for any team to beat another in a given week. You may have noticed that if you are in confidence or survivor pools.

Sure we see some aging stars on their way to retirement, but over the last three years we have seen the emergence of a new breed of QBs, RBs and WRs Having played this game since 1985 I have seen and grown used to the passing of the baton from one generation of players to the next and I realize that it is a constant process.

Fantasy football brings us to a place in our minds without all the day to day hassles we face in real life. I hope and pray that we are able to return to that nirvana sooner than later. Please reality world, we want our fantasy world to be free of the nastiness and hatefulness of what has become so annoyingly common in our lives.

And that’s my two cents. How do you feel about this?

Over the years many readers have contacted me personally for lineup and other fantasy football questions throughout the season. I look forward to helping you in your quest to win championships this year. You can contact me with any questions or comments you may have at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., follow me on Twitter @mikeinsights, or join me as a member of Couch Tomatoes, my fantasy football discussion group on Facebook.

Good luck! Have fun!                                          

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