Football Night Fill-Ups : Sunday Night Game Recap – Chargers vs Steelers

Phillip Simmons gives you his rundown of the Sunday Night game! Follow him on Twitter @Statsandfactsff!

Steelers 24 Chargers 17



We may be seeing the demise of the Los Angeles Chargers as we speak. I’m not taking anything away from what the Steelers defense did, but this is the second straight week the Chargers offense has looked lethargic and it’s extremely alarming. Prior to Gordon coming back the offense was running perfectly fine with Austin Ekeler and they were winning games. Between this week and last week the offense can't seem to get in sync and it's affecting the whole team.

In the first quarter, Phillip Rivers was pressing too much and it cost them early with his two turnovers in prime territory for the Steelers. This made the game a passing game and they had to abandon the running game. It didn't really help that Gordon did not capitalize on his opportunities as it is. His Eight carries for eighteen yards is extremely underwhelming. Ekeler had his first down week of the year. The Steelers shut down all of the underneath routes and that where He makes his hay for fantasy. The only one that seemed to get open was the newly activated Hunter Henry. He was continually open in the seam and RIvers connected with him for two touchdowns in the second half. If he is available in your waiver wire for Wednesday, he should be a top priority due to the scarcity of the position. Bonafide stud. Mike Williams had a respectable game as well with his 5 catches for 72 yards. They let him play a ton of one on one coverage because they refused to let Keenan Allen beat them. He was double teamed all game and that would explain his line. Keenan Allen is one of the top 5 route runners in this league but if you bracket him with a safety he can be neutralized. 2 receptions for 33 yards won't cut it. They have to find a way to get this pro bowler in space. Next week the Chargers have the Tennessee Titans. That's a tough matchup for this offense. The only must start for me so far is Hunter Henry until they can find a way to figure out a few variables to balance the offense.



WIth Mason getting knocked out last week, Mike Tomlin decided for the game plan this week to go straight to smash mouth football and it worked perfectly. From the first quarter all the way to the end of the fourth, the Steelers offensive line was winning the game in the trenches. James Conner really wasn't doing it for them in the running game but for the short passing game, he excelled. He led the team in receiving due to the lack of passing talent in Devlin Hodges. 7 catches for 78 yards salvaged his fantasy week as well as his rushing touchdown. The surprise of the night was Benny Snell with 17 carries for 78 yards. He should be an add in redraft due to Connor getting hurt and Jaylen Samuels injury. He could be a sneaky start . There isn't much to say about the pass catchers due to the lack of production they received because of Hodges, When Mason comes back JuJu will be semi relevant as well as Vance Dance. Next week the Steelers have a bye which is a blessing in disguise for them so they can get some healthy players back. The week after they have the Dolphins which is another bye week. They should be good to go.

Thanks again for reading my recap everyone. Follow me on Twitter @Statsandfactsff. I’m always available for questions or comments.

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