Football Night Fill-Ups : Sunday Night Game Recap – Cowboys vs Eagles

Phillip Simmons gives you his rundown of the Sunday Night game! Follow him on Twitter @Statsandfactsff!

Cowboys 37 Eagles 10


I don't even know how to even put into words how bad the Eagles disappointed this fanbase Sunday night. It all started with the guaranteed win by Doug Pederson on Monday. That should have put a fire in the belly of the team and it did the complete opposite. It actually fueled the Cowboys with bulletin board material and it showed on the first drive for the Eagles. The demise of the team all started with a fumble by Dallas Goedert deep in Eagles territory that turned into a quick score for the Cowboys.

After that crucial turnover the game went even more into the garbage. One of the Eagles bread and butter for years is how well our offensive line plays all year long. Tonight Demarcus Lawrence owned Lane Johnson and that caused the momentum to totally convert to Cowboys side. He ran around Lane for a strip sack deep into the Eagles territory once more and in the middle of the fourth quarter the Birds were already down 14-0. Due to the score, the running game had to go away and that forced Carson to try to make some plays with mediocre weapons while the front four pinned their ears back in pursuit. Needless to say Carson struggled mightily with trying to make plays.

Until either Desean Jackson comes back healthy or they make a deal for a receiver before the trade deadline, Carson Wentz cannot be started in fantasy as an every week start like he could be 2 years ago when he was on an MVP pace. I think the game script for this game before it got out of hand was gonna be a heavy dose of Jordan Howard up the middle. For the carries he did receive, he played well and is clearly the best back in this backfield. They tried to use him in the passing game Sunday night but screen plays that were drawn up for him were poorly executed. One of the biggest holes on the team is the pass catchers as a whole. Alshon looked very old against this young secondary.

Two catches for 38 yards for a number one receiver is extremely underwhelming. Zach Ertz has fallen off due to all of the defenses having just have to double team with a linebacker and a safety and daring the Eagles receivers to beat them deep. With a core of Agholor and Hollins that is darn there impossible to do with the offense that is being run in Philly. Nelson should have had a long gain but he decided to become a reptile and have alligator arms and gave no effort for the ball. This offense is a disaster for fantasy and for right now, no one can be started until Dougie P rights the ship. WIth that being said, next week the Eagles play the Bills. Bench city.



As the resident Eagles fan, I will be the first one to applaud the Cowboys for their big win this week. The huge key for the win this week for them is the blueprint they followed 2 years ago. Ezekial Elliott is key for the offense to succeed. He was peppered with targets in the passing game to start the game and they ran the ball down the Birds throat as the game went along on a top 5 rush defense. When you pay a running back of this caliber, you have to give him the ball. 28 touches on Sunday night is exactly what the doctor ordered.

If the Cowboys continue to use this formula every week, they could be a serious playoff contender. As you may have read one of my prior articles, I am not the biggest fan of Dak Prescott. He had an efficient night for passing but again he played a mediocre secondary. He did make the right calls but when you have to count on him to win you a game, it’s a huge struggle. HE was able to hit a WIDE open Blake Jarwin for his lone passing TD.

Amari Cooper was out there embarrassing these corners out there and had a solid game with 5 catches for 105 yards. HE seems to like to torch the Eagles every time he plays them. All the other pass catchers didn't have much of a day due to the game getting out of hand. Next week the Cowboys have a bye week, so they can relax those old bones and get ready for a juicy matchup with the Giants.

Thanks again for reading my recap everyone. Follow me on Twitter @Statsandfactsff. I’m always available for questions or comments

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