2020 Fantasy Football Review/Preview - QB

Bob Lung shares the most consistent quarterbacks of 2019 and his projections for 2020. Follow him @bob_lung

The quarterback position for Fantasy Football purposes was easily the most waited on position to draft last year. Most of the top picks used to produce like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Russell Wilson. However, last year, due to injuries and changes in team success factors, these top quarterbacks weren’t worth their usual value.

There were 15 quarterbacks over 300 points (4pts per passing TD) in 2019. This was down from the 2016 season when 18 quarterbacks exceeded 300 points. There is certainly a “changing of the guard” at quarterback in the NFL. So, while there were certainly some of the “regular” studs near the top of the consistency charts, there were many “regulars” who were not.

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