Prop Bet Consistency Tool

Written by Bob Lung

The continued addition of more and more states legalizing sports book is causing the Fantasy sports world to take notice! One of my favorite “games” are Fantasy Player Prop Bets! This past off-season I worked on a new Consistency Tool that would help guide players in making decisions on the over/under of the individual player prop bets each week.

If you don’t want to read this article, you can watch this video describing how to use this tool for your Prop Bet research:

Here’s a brief description of how it works. Below is the screen shot of where you choose the player by typing in their name in the Search bar:

Then you scroll down the page where you will choose the Stat you want to analyze. Each player will have their respective Player Prop stats for their position. Once you choose the stat, the slider will change and now you can move the slider to the Prop Bet for that week. It automatically brings in the upcoming game for that week and shows the Plays, Rushing and Passing Yards allowed over the past three games for the opponent.

In the above example, Jared Goff is playing Carolina away in Week 1. In the Recommendation box, you will see the in Away Games versus an Average defense (Carolina’s ranking between 11-22), he has played seven games over the past three years. Currently it is at 233 passing yards and yet Goff has only been OVER that amount 14.3% of those seven games. Therefore, if Week 1’s Prop Bet is set at 250 yards, definitely take the UNDER.

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